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What Is a Compounding Pharmacy?

Compounding... A Precise and Careful Process

Until the 20th century, all pharmacies were compounding pharmacies, meaning they combined one or more active ingredients into a customized treatment for an individual patient’s needs. Today, very few pharmacies provide this type of personalized service.

Pet Health Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy dedicated to providing high-quality medications. As a compounding pharmacy, we formulate combinations of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, as prescribed by a veterinarian, into specific dosage forms such as capsules, creams, gels, suppositories and other forms.

Benefits of working with a compounding pharmacy include:

Compounding pharmacies (and pharmacists) adhere to standards and regulations set by the U.S. Pharmacopeia, National Association of Boards and State Boards of Pharmacy for quality assurance and accuracy. Pet Health Pharmacy is meticulous in meeting the industry's highest quality standards of compounded medications.