Until the 20th century, all pharmacies were compounding pharmacies, meaning they combined one or more active ingredients into a customized treatment for an individual patient’s needs. Today, very few pharmacies provide this type of personalized service.

Pet Health Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy dedicated to providing high-quality medications. As a compounding pharmacy, we formulate combinations of pharmaceutical grade ingredients, as prescribed by a veterinarian, into specific dosage forms such as capsules, creams, gels and other forms. All of the active pharmaceutical ingredients used for compounding are purchased from FDA registered suppliers.


Convenient and individualized dosing for your patient’s needs. Each capsule is compounded by our nationally certified technicians and checked by our licensed compounding pharmacists.

Cream / Ointment

Topical applications compounded in the dosage needed. Many creams and ointments are available in a variety of different delivery systems that have been uniquely compounded and formulated for various anti-inflammatory and anti-infective applications and other uses too.

Oral Liquid

Numerous flavored medications in an assortment of custom strengths tailored to your patient’s needs. Pet Health Pharmacy offers a total of 15 different flavors for both oil and water soluble formulations. Many of our liquids have extended beyond use dating based on stability testing performed by an independent laboratory.


Custom compounded ear medication dispensed in a convenient applicator (pictured) or dropper bottle. Many formulations are available to cover yeast/fungus, gram positive, gram negative and anaerobic bacteria. Please ask our pharmacists if you have questions regarding general sensitivities.


Powders are a great option for large animals or when concealing medication in food is the only option. Powders can be unflavored or flavored and come in unique options such as molasses or apple.


Suppositories are convenient when swallowing or irritation to the stomach is a concern. Suppositories also allow for treatment of complicated health conditions such as seizures.


For those animals that are unable to take oral medication, Pet Health Pharmacy offers convenient transdermal applicators. These applicators allow for easy topical dosing to the ear as well as a means to conveniently titrate dosing. Many of our liquids have extended beyond use dating based on stability testing performed by an independent laboratory.

Check out our great video on how to use the twist applicator, this can be useful when educating patients.